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The Path Of Travel: Wilderness

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

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Our favourite surf-spots, hikes, cafes, places to stay and more saved to Maps

Road tripping is one of our past times here in South Africa. Growing up our holidays were filled with adventures up the coast to interesting places. With so much wilderness surrounding us there was plenty to do and see.

From my early days I was able to connect and discover magical areas with my family and friends, learning about Nature and culture.

I feel lucky to have had these experiences and now wish to share similar kinds of adventures with others.


Wilderness lies along the esteemed Garden Route in the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains.

With plenty of forest to explore, rivers to navigate and beach to roam, this place epitomizes rawness and freedom.

Swim in the warm ocean water, walk under the cool forest canopy, Wilderness is raw and ready for adventure, a true paradise!

Rich in wildlife, amazing views and giant trees our favourite places have to be Kaaimans River, the Kingfisher Trail, Map Of Africa and our secret spots.

Wilderness is a magic place where we love to find stillness, enjoy our freedom and eat healthy after all the fun activity.

Click the link to see a Maps view of our favourite places in the Wilderness!

We love to adventure outside the city, in Nature, exploring new terrain. If you don't mind 'roughing it up', join us for a different kind of experience where we are able to dive deep into the unknown and embrace our adventurous nature. This is your opportunity to turn-off, open up and flow with the wild.

Travel | Discover | Live

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