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The Path Of Travel: Llandudno & Hout Bay

Updated: Jan 4

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Our favourite surf-spots, hikes, cafes, places to stay and more

This one is our home.

We don't have to travel far but people come from all around the world to visit. I have myself been to many places and have not found one as beautiful as this place I call home.


Situated on the western flank of the peninsula lies a dramatic stretch of coastline dominated by mountains tumbling into granite boulders forming small bays, ravines and valleys.

Llandudno is known for its' 'gnarly' waves and tranquil beach. There is a lot to explore. The giant granite boulders hold sacred significance, being a place of ceremony for the San people who foraged along these shores 100's of years ago. A place where the Sun, Sea, Sky & Earth meet.

The beach is where we go to see our friends and connect with our community; soaking up the sun, walking along the shore, surfing or swimming, jumping off rocks and exploring coves, watching sunsets and sharing a picnic, it's our wonderful playground, it's what makes us whole.

This is also where we are based, practicing yoga on the beach, doing surf lessons, trail running along the coast and training with the lifesaving club.

Hout Bay

At the back of Table Mountain, lies an unassuming and transient place. The area named after the esteemed forests that grow here and founded by the pioneers of the past. Now a buzzing cosmopolitan with its' unique village atmosphere and vibe.

There is so much to do in the area!

Fancy some arts and crafts, seek out the many boutique shops and be sure to visit Rockchic. Where you can find amazing crystals and gems and even make your own jewelry! After which be sure to check out the Bay Harbour market for some local flavours and creations.

A foodies paradise, with many restaurants and cafes to choose from within the bay. See our friends at the South Yeaster Bakery for some french style pastries or grab a coffee for a cause at the Sentinel Ocean Alliance Cafe. And if you're hungry check out the Pelican for great crepes and vegan options or Massimo's for a pasta or pizza!

The mountains are calling! When you visit Hout Bay you will notice the majestic mountain peaks all around. It is like a theme park for hikers and trail runners! There are many trails to choose from, Chapmans Peak East Fort, Constantia Nek, Sandy Bay or Suikerbossie. It can be overwhelming to decide, you can happily contact us for info and guidance.

If you're looking for a place to stay, look no further than Phakalane Retreat, a magical, sustainable hub of healing and growth. Located in a beautiful area of Hout Bay with amazing afro-inspired spaces, enjoy this peaceful and serene environment.


Life here is a tapestry of epic memories stitched together on a breath-taking backdrop, a combination of natural beauty and the raw energy of Africa.

Click the link to see a Maps view of our favourite places in the area!

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