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Meet Shane, Mike & Rox 

We are your SYC founders, here to share our passion with you.  

Born and bred in Cape Town & Mauritius, we feel a deep connection to Nature. 

We are experienced Surf Yogi's, qualified surf & yoga instructors plus lifeguards. 

We love to share the good vibes, getting out and having fun - always keen to connect :D


Now more than ever we feel the need to be together. 

We see the importance of practice to raise our health levels and vibration. 

We believe in community, activating the power of unity. 

We created the Surf Yoga Community to support one another in our physical & spiritual growth.  

Building a network of likeminded individuals who share the same perspective and ideals, aligning with our highest form and sharing the fun and pleasure life has to give us. 

Experience this healthy active lifestyle with us.

Our Story

Surf Yoga Community was born on one magical night when us three friends decided to camp out in the mountain.

It was a still tranquil Sunday evening, prepared with the necessities to find comfort in the wild, we set out. 

It was after dark when we begun to walk, but the heat had not subsided,

it rose like walls of warmth as we walked through the static air.

We were in high spirits as we hiked along, greeted by a display of city lights down below, happy to be sharing our dreams with the stars tonight, unhindered by the pollution of artificial light.


Things suddenly became mystical as we were joined on the trail by tiny green floating lanterns, bouncing in the air, beautiful fireflies guiding us through space as we ascended on the mountain ridge. 

We reached the summit and all four of us awed by silence, stopped to absorb the vibrant pure feeling of Nature. 

We found our natural shelter for the night in amongst the rocks of a cave.

The night was filled with songs around the fire, many hearty laughs and happiness.

We had the idea to start this business, combining all our separate skills into one to create our offering.

So with love we present the Surf Yoga Community. We hope to share the magic with you.

Please enjoy the gallery of our journey so far, and join us! <3

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