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Cape Town Wellness Retreat

A time to be at peace, to come home to yourself and dwell in the sanctuary of your spirit.

Enjoy the Cape Town experience as we share with you this epic lifestyle. Stay with us at the sacred

Phakalane Retreat Centre & Spirit Spa. Phakalane is a magical, sustainable hub of healing and growth.

Our key is to bring us all closer to Nature, to share a fulfilling experience.

We create an environment for us to connect and have fun, with many different activities, rituals and modalities.

Imagine surf sessions, relaxing yoga, soul healing, forest walks and beauty.

Start each day from here on with love and gratitude in your heart.



Phakalane is a sanctuary for the spirit, the word meaning hawk.

Phakalane is a place of living ritual. It is a sacred space within the city, where we are encouraged to walk lightly, to walk with care and awareness, treating the land and each other with respect and dignity.

Each aspect of our daily life is met with sacredness, creating a living ritual.



Practice Yoga in a sacred temple space.

Activating the temple each morning with flow and harmony.

Learn about yourself. Cultivate peace and happiness in your life, with this wholesome daily practice.



We surf to have fun, we surf to connect with the ocean. 

We learn how to navigate the waves, developing the skills  needed to enjoy the surf and to be safe. 

From paddling, to wave selection, reading the conditions  and having the right technique to ride the waves. 

We believe surfing is a fun and enjoyable activity for  everyone. 

We provide all equipment needed and choose the best  day  to suit the conditions. 



Experience profound healing with our beautiful facilitators.

Choose from Reiki,  crystal healing or art therapy.

Let go of what no longer serves you and form a stronger connection with your soul purpose, including a transformative Cacao Ceremony, our gift to you.



Explore the many activities of Phakalane and the greater surrounds of Hout Bay & Cape Town.

Go on a fun waterfall hike, visit Llandudno & Sandy Bay or climb Table Mountain.


Your accommodation is a selection of beautiful cabins and rooms at Phakalane Retreat Centre & Spirit Spa.

Forest Hut

Mountain Hut

Water Hut

Guest Room 2

Guest Room 3

Steam Room

Master Suite


Surf Yoga Package: 5 Yoga Lessons, 3 Surf Lessons, 1 Crystal Healing, 1 Hike & Cacao Ceremony > +/- R3800

Surf Yoga Package Lite: 3 Yoga Lessons, 1 Surf Lesson, 1 Crystal Healing, 1 Hike & Cacao Ceremony > +/- R2200

Surf Package: 3 Surf Lessons, 1 Crystal Healing, 1 Hike & Cacao Ceremony > +/- R2300

Yoga Package: 5 Yoga Lessons, 1 Crystal Healing, 1 Hike & Cacao Ceremony > +/- R2300

Activities +

Surf Lessons: 1 Surf Lesson + Equipment - R550

Private Yoga Lesson: 1 Yoga Lesson - R350

Healing: 1 Crystal Healing - R450

Hikes: 1 Waterfall Hike - R350

Art Therapy: 1 Art Therapy Session - R450


Fire Powered Sauna

Pergola & Plunge Pools

Temple Space


Gift Store

Other Info+T's&C's

Packages are booked separately to accommodation. For group bookings you can contact us for assistance.

Breakfast is included with accommodation. Depending on group size, catering is offered additionally.

Group bookings 4 nights+ include Cacao Ceremony.

Rooms and packages are listed above.

Activities are available for booking with your stay.

No alcohol permitted at the retreat center.

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