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The Force of Our Judgement and the Courage to See In-between


We are so often hampered by our disabling self-judgement, making us contract and cower behind the masks of expectations. We try imagine ourself based from another's perspective. What will she think if I did this or that, etc. This is understandable as we try figure how we are to be received as who and what we are expressing.

Rarely are we accurate in this assessment as we are such complex beings that we are not capable of knowing a mind of an other. Rather we become stuck in our own mind, deliberating over bland thoughts of our own insecurities, trying to fool ourself to believe that these feelings come from someone else's idea of who I am or ought to be.

There is no prescribed way of being for anyone, there is only that which we can discover within our true essence, our heart centre. Being in our heart centre can be very overwhelming, if we believe this as a thought instead of experiencing it as an inconceivable feeling, as it is a powerful unification of our whole being.

We have these thoughts since we are afraid to sync into our heart and make our selves vulnerable. Moving beyond judgement to a place of authenticity, which threatens our ego, our self preservation. For vulnerability is the way to love, it is true power. Just like moving through challenges and uncomfortable situations, it is similar with the heart and the feelings that come when vulnerable.

One must understand that we all exist within all hearts and to accept one into our heart is an act of compassion, an act to truly acknowledge that identification of ourself and to feed it love, as we do this, we feed our self, liberating our mind and allowing our heart to love completely.

“I liberate myself to be with you, that i can share authentically my unique heart expression and feel the acceptance of our open heart connection.” “I relinquish all judgement of self and other to open the channel for our hearts to connect and share the love of the One Heart.”

In Our One Heart We Pray - Peace to the world


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