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Become A Surf Yogi - SYC Spring/Summer

See what we have install for you this season! (01.02) [SYC Featured Blog]


We are offering a monthly subscription for this upcoming season!

'Become A Surf Yogi' if you have ever dreamed of being able to surf, now is your opportunity to experience your dreams! Teamed with a good yoga practice to build your strength, surfing will be a summer breeze. Offering fun group sessions to enhance our skills with the help of friends and facilitators while we support each other in our spiritual and physical growth.

Did we mention all the bonus benefits you get from joining :D check it out now!!

Yoga Studio

We have found the most beautiful sanctuary from where we will be offering classes and hosting events. We would love to invite you and welcome you into the space of the Yoga and BodyFit Sanctuary.

Nestled on the saddle between Klein Leeukoppie & Llandudno Ravine, this space holds such a dynamic energy, but what makes the space even more special, is being set in an indigenous Garden of Eden! Much like the creator and owner, Amanda, selflessly giving abundance and her vibrant energy for you to enjoy yourself.

It felt like I had stepped into another universe, I was filled with vitality & open to joy.

We here feel very excited to sync in, harmonise and raise the vibration of our body, mind and soul!

Facilitators & Hosts

Yoga Teacher

Meet our super cool yoga teacher, Beatrice Gilbo, experienced and adept Yogini herself. Beatrice has been on her own journey, traveling, learning, and sharing about the art of Yoga. She now has her own book, Be Your Own Sanctuary, where she shares from this yogic journey, which we highly recommend!

We look very forward to hosting yoga events and our weekly classes!

Check out our schedule to find out when we will be hosting our classes.

Surf Coach

Meet our born to surf instructor, Brandon, together with the surf guru Shane, they started the Atlantic Surf School. Both coming with vast understanding of the ocean, growing up with a close connection to the waves and winds of Table Bay.

We will be teaming up with these two friends for our fun surf sessions.

We love how they share their knowledge and passion for surfing, with a sacred connection to the deep blue and a real respect for how the ocean can transform our energy and bring us true happiness!

I'm stoked to be doing lessons with them and partaking in the weekly community surf groups.

Food 4 Thought

Green Renaissance, Short Film - "How Much Is Enough?"


As part of our subscription programme we are stoked to say we have teamed with some super cool associates who will be joining us to bring you the best.

We will be organising amazing summer gatherings, gift hampers, sharing discount codes and giving our subscribers the benefits of our sponsors products plus more.


'Go back to Nature' . . .we couldn't agree more!

Creating conscious consumers and getting barrels is just the best way to live! Back2Nature has an amazing range of products that are good for us and our planet! There are so many reasons that we are stoked to be teamed with B2N and why we support them 100%!!

  1. Being completely natural

  2. Using sustainable plastic-free packaging

  3. Not doing testing on animals

  4. Living by a good moral code

  5. Supporting local

  6. Reducing, reusing and recycling - If you return 2 empty glass jars, you get R15 off your next purchase. 

There's a reason why this brand has won awards!

This is why we are super psyched to be offering our first few subscribers free surf zinc sun protection! Plus gaining access to discounts for online purchases.

And subscribe with us here -

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