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The Divine & Sacred

Recently I have been gaining my spiritual courage from my understanding of our divinity.

That our primary nature is spiritual and to acknowledge this and feed the spirit is vital to our physical & mental well-being.

I’ve been doing this by gently reminding myself that, ‘I am Divine’, whenever negative thoughts may occur in my psyche.

Understanding that our true nature is that of goodwill and that negativity is the disease of the mind, born on this plane and not my innate intuitive voice.

I have noticed this by having experienced reality with the occurring thought of my actions before actually doing anything, living as my mind proposed instead of being.

This was very taxing on my experience, feeling drained and depressed.

Thinking that I was just super aware and had everything under control, meanwhile it was a tempestuous sea raging in my inner world!

Until I became aware of this conflict and feeling in deeper, using what I call ‘body indicators’, to guide my experience, teaming good feelings with soul expanding intuitive actions and bad feelings, pain, with restricting soul experience.

It now seems I am doing the opposite of what my thoughts are telling me and find myself acting on deep subconscious stirrings from a spiritual yearning and call.

Connection connection connection! Seek connection, dive deep into the arms of the beloved, lose the mind and find what the soul has delivered, acknowledging the gifts of our inner sanctum in our external reality generation, feeling love, feeling happiness, growing, wholesome and pure.

Be effortless, be at ease, be peace.

Know what you are, seek, who, it is, you are, to share. . .

For we are more than we can think and greater than we can know.

In this we experience humility in a unified cosmic convergence of divine bliss and sacred connection.

Blessings to all beings. Meet With Your Spirit. Inshallah Wadada>

Join Us,

SYC Experience .

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