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The Beach Is Not An Ashtray

Awareness Campaign: The Burning Pollution Problem


This week saw some of the Llandudno Surf Lifesaving Club members spontaneously taking action against our beach being used as an ashtray.

This coincides with our spontaneous Awareness Campaign bringing to light the effects of car pollution, smoking and the cigarette butts that are left behind with our lungs and health paying the cost.

Having lived in Mumbai, India, one of the busiest and most densely populated places on the planet, I have seen first hand the effects of carbon monoxide; each morning there being a layer of soot coating everything!

Now if we can imagine the world as a living organism that must filter this ash just like our lungs, we can see the degradation of our health and quality of living standards.

Now we are not too far off here in Cape Town ourselves! Give us a windless day and a layer of filthy smog forms over our city.

I’m sure many of us notice our inefficient ways, with gnarly traffic jams, single used automobiles and the amount of cigarette butts found on our supposedly pristine beaches.

I do not intend to point figures at the problems as they are worldwide but rather for us who live in the best city in the world to take responsibility for ourselves! If that means kicking your butts off the beach or carpooling to work then it is up to you to implement that action.

We are the ones who are responsible here.

I love Nature, I accept the responsibility to take care of myself, I take action. Do you?

Thank you Tasmin du Preez for the striking images

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