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Simple Ways of Living To Stay Connected with Nature in a Modern-Life and How to Apply this.

Collect Your Own Water 

One way to feel a connection with Nature is to collect your own drinking water from a river or a nearby spring. 

This simple act aids to bring your awareness to the natural flow of life, understanding on an experiential level where our water comes from. 

  • Identify a safe place that you can collect water from, which is usually above residential areas. 

  • Take along two 5L containers 

  • and with a small prayer of thanks fill your containers up. 

For centuries before we had taps, mostly the women of a village would venture out into the wilderness with their clay pots and collect the water, often walking kilometers with the vessels balanced on their heads. 

Collecting water is a good way to get in touch with your emotions too, as water represents a feminine energy, so feel your way along and enjoy. 

Grow Your Own Kitchen Herbs & Sprouts 

It is greatly rewarding to eat something that you have grown yourself. It helps give you a feel of the process of plants and the production of food, bringing you closer to understanding Nature and its’ simple ways. 

  • Place a small box filled with rich soil on your windowsill of your kitchen. Make sure there is good drainage and the soil is properly aerated.  

  • Plant simple herb seedlings such as Basil, Parsley and Thyme. 

  • Experiment with garlic shoots from your fresh clove or sprouting avo pips! 

Sprouts are also greatly nutritious and easy to grow. I could strongly advise investing in a sprouting kit and manual. 

Give them attention, sunlight and a bit of water - watch them grow & reap the reward. 

Make Time For Walking Meditation 

This is a magical way to connect with Nature, to appreciate and observe your surroundings. 

  • Form a ritual around these walks. 

  • This is your sacred time. 

  • Choose to walk on the beach or the mountain side. 

  • Clear your mind, breathe. 

  • Let your own wisdom come in, listen. 

  • Feel the connection with yourself, with All. 

Volunteer To Work With Children or Animals

Children and animals are naturally connected with Nature, we can learn a lot by spending time with them, even better in a natural setting. 

  • Find a local organization that resonates with you . 

  • Get in contact and ask them about their programmes and how you can get involved. 

  • Show up and surrender to the process. 

  • Be gentle, be open, feel the love and adoration. 

‘Interconnectedness is Nature’ 

These practices and simple applications will shift your way of life. 

They will help you open up to an underlying feeling of being part of something that is greater than just yourself. This gives inspiration and motivation to live and contribute in a constructive and positive way to a Universe that loves you back. 

It is our responsibility to contribute and create a world that is healthy and abundant for our own wellbeing and that of others. 

We do this with humility, respect and integrity. 

In Our One Heart We Pray - Peace To The World 


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