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Night Hike Run 10.03.22

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Chasing the setting sun, reaching peaks with no names, living in the moment.

You know when you write something on your to do list, and you have to tick it off, well my list this week consisted of running up ravines.

I didn't plan to do it in the dark or to forget my headlamp in the car but hey, we go along with the valleys and the hills.

I enjoyed pushing using the last of the light to reach the beacon, I named it Loki's Peak after my new puppy.

There's something amazing and mystical about running in twilight that I love!

Given the right attitude and preparedness I encourage all to step out and do something a little adventurous, who knows what you might discover.

Llandudno Ravine was looking ever more treacherous on the descent, stopping and throwing aside some of the loose rocks, spotting two Klipspringer silhouettes in the dark and enjoying being with my other dog Bentley.

Rad times.

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