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Holistic Living Supporting Sustainability

How to lessen your impact and up sustainability through how you eat and buy.

Image by Renata Venaga

Lets be honest, we all love food! We can't go without it, we haven't all mastered living off our breath yet. We spend a lot of our hard earned money buying food, putting our time into shopping and preparing our meals.

What if there was a way we could reduce all of this and have a positive impact.

Thankfully with a little shift in our mindset we can now flourish with our food!

Saving time, money and supporting our immediate community.

Here are a few ways to consider and maybe you can see if it can work for you.

Visit Your Local Farmers Market

Treat yourself and head out to your next local farmers market.

It's a fun thing to do on the weekend too!

With all the amazing produce on offer you get to meet the faces behind the production, you can interact and give feedback on what is created, becoming part of the process and living closer to those around you. This is part of creating a healthy environment and life for yourself.

Supporting Small Scale Farming

Small scale farming is both environmentally friendly and healthy.

Find a small scale farmer in your community and ask if you can visit their garden.

There are many people offering weekly vegetable boxes with organic produce including seasonal produce, free eggs, milk etc.

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

There have been many home-based startup businesses that have arisen, forming a new method for trading. There has also been a shift, people are more keen on supporting local traders.

Buying locally produced goods, reduces the chain, helping to create a local economy where money is allowed to circulate amongst neighbours instead of a portion of money being lost to inefficient governments or giant corporations, in this way we have greater influence over what we would actually like to buy.

This is empowering for the buyer and the seller!

Reduce Your Shopping List

Find one commercial product that you can replace by making or baking yourself at home, finding the fulfillment in creating.

Grow one kind of easy-growing herb or vegetable that you love instead of buying it.

Familiarize Yourself with these Sustainable Principles

  • Reduce waste

  • Create a healthy working/living environment

  • Limit the use of the earths' natural resources

  • Support each other

Local is lekker (nice) :)

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