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Along The Pyrenees Of Le Midi

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

A Surf Yoga Community Travel Journey

After arriving in France, we made it through the chaos, before embarking one early morning on our epic road trip to the Pyrenees!

Driving 12 hours to the border of Andorra, we set our minds to our hearts to attend the Rainbow Gathering 2021. After having a few scares of running out of petrol as we climbed the high narrow roads of the Pyrenees and clinging to the only known co-ordinates of this mystical gathering, we made it, nerves shattered from dwelling in the unknown for so long. We unpacked, gathered ourselves and set up camp after a short hike up through the forest.

Set in a meadow amongst the high mountain forest we were welcomed home. And what a greeting we received.

Despite the craziness of the world around us, thousands of souls gathered for two months living by the values; Peace, Harmony, Freedom & Respect.

This mass of people in a giant circle holding hands, singing in unity, with the open sky above, a billow of smoke rising up filling the air with the scent of pine and the serene feeling of freedom.

We camped in the forest, we bathed in the rivers, we kept ourselves warm by the fire and we sang with travellers from near and far.

After our stay in the woods we set out again aiming west. A remarkable drive through the Pyrenees passes and beautiful villages, led us to the North Atlantic ocean, to reach the vibrant beach town of Biarritz. A vast contrast from the remote community gathering yet still inviting with a warm buzz about.

We strolled the streets, navigating the crowd, swam at the many different beaches, sampled the local flora and enjoyed some surf at the Cote des Basques.

Biarritz is beautiful with many little coves created by the sandstone rocks forming unique formations, a popular sight to behold (see image top of the page).

There are many pintxos (pinchos, snack) to try at bars or restaurants, they are a socializing component characterized by a skewer or toothpick holding it together and are part of the culture in the Basque Country. We enjoyed the pan-fried peppers lavishly showered in salt and olive oil as our go to. The Basque Country is also famous for it's sheep cheese and salami.

Being vegetarian we sought out the tiny town of Espelette, where some of the most wonderful red chilli peppers are grown and made into their well-known Piment d'Espelette spice. After stocking up on spice we hit the beach!

Cote des Basques is a cool place to surf with lots of peaks within the bay. The wave peels from the top tumbling down easily. Good for all levels of surfing. You can beat the crowds and find a fun fast wave at Anglet given the right conditions on the day.

Conversely there are some world renown big wave surf spots such as Belharra & Guethary for those seeking a thrill!

We found it cool to cruise along the coast, with lots of unique little villages in the area such as Saint Jean de Luz, the old Town of Bayonne and Guethary to explore.

After a well spent week on the coast we embarked on our return leg up the west coast of France back to our starting point south of Paris.

Having discovered much of the region and covering plenty of km's we were grateful for our fulfilling experience exploring.

Peace To The World



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