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Acro-Yoga with the Surf Yoga Community

The Art Of Union With A Partner Through Movement & Breath

Acro Yoga is an incredible way to come together.

It combines elements of yoga and acrobatics, where there is a base and a flyer.

It enables us to form meaningful connections as we build a relationship with trust and manoeuvre with our partner, engaging flow as we breathe in union.

Arco-Yoga is fun! We make it accessible for all, beginners and experts, we encourage you to grow in your relationships with others, meet new people and form deeper bonds with those you love.

There are great physical benefits when practising Acro-Yoga too! Applying your focus as you stretch and feel, increasing your flexibility with the help of your partner.

Acro leaves you feeling very relaxed and grounded in your body.

Get out of your comfort zone, let go of your fears and come and fly with us!

Check Our Site For Our Next Sunday Sunset Arco-Jam :)

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